Sunday, March 1, 2015

My First Fix!!!

If you like my post, please consider signing up for a StitchFix account of your own using this link: This way I get the referral!

I work as an associate principal in a middle school in the Central Virginia area. Though I work only a few miles from one of the BEST malls in the region, I rarely have time to go there. With evening school commitments during the week (I teach a college class, too) I am having a really tough time getting to the mall to find clothes to wear!

On Facebook a couple of weeks ago, I saw an ad for StitchFix, and was intrigued. The basic premise is that you go online, set up a style profile by asking a series of very detailed questions pertaining to your size, shape, and style preferences, and a box of five wardrobe pieces are sent to you. BTW, there is a $20.00 style fee that gets applied to your purchase.

I thought to myself, “Why Not”? I’m almost 40, and I feel as if I’m stuck in a style rut. I filled out the online style profile (which was kinda fun), set up my shipping information, and within a few days, a teal and white box was sitting on my front doorstep! I will be honest upfront and tell you that I was completely prepared to send the entire box back.

The contents of the box consisted of a dress, a pair of pants, two blouses and a necklace. Also included was a bill for the contents, and little picture cards that show how to put the pieces together. I was immediately intrigued by the pants and the cream-colored popover blouse.

I was wearing a pair of dress pants when I got home from work, so I decided to try the cream colored blouse on first. I LOVED the length of it and the details on the tail and sleeves as well.
Next, I tried on the pants with the blouse, and here’s what I ended up with. I was really surprised that the pants actually fit. I’m a curvy size zero, but these pants looked so small when I first held them up. The tag does say slimming, and they were certainly right! I had a suit jacket hanging in my closet, and threw it on and added a pair of heels. All of a sudden, I had a GREAT work outfit! 

With the pants still on, I tried on the blue blouse next. I would consider it to be just OK. The card that came with the package suggested to try with a white/off-white pencil skirt or jeans. As I think further, it would also look really cute with a pair of white shorts and sparkly sandals this summer. I have the sandals; need to get the shorts! I can pick those up at someplace like Old Navy pretty cheap, though.

Next came the dress. A faux wrap dress with a geometric pattern on it. Once again, when I first held it up, I wondered how I was going to get myself into it. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised with the fit. However, it is a little low-cut for school. I would have to use Hollywood Fashion Tape, a camisole, or a safety pin to make it appropriate for school. Since I don’t have a ton of money, I try to buy clothes that are versatile for both the workweek and the weekend. That being said, I like the dress enough to make it work.
The fifth item was a necklace. To me, it was actually the most disappointing part of the box.
The verdict? I kept all of the items. Here’s why:
·       I really only wanted the cream-colored blouse, the dress, and the pants. However, IF I bought just those three, the price would have totaled $190.00.
·       With the 25% discount for purchasing all 5, I ended up paying $196.00. I know I’ll use the blue blouse in the summer, and maybe I can re-gift the necklace.

What I’m afraid of is getting addicted to this. Since I’ve committed to blogging about it, I plan on getting these boxes every month, which means I need to figure out how I can finance this. Amazingly, someone already has…the people at StitchFix have partnered up with a company called Threadup ( where they will buy your new or gently used clothing. You get paid in StitchFix credits! If you prefer, they will credit your PayPal account, or give you credit to their own online store! I’ve ordered a bag to send a few items in. I’ll let you know how it goes!